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Curtain Call Productions, LLC

CURTAIN CALL PRODUCTIONS, LLC is dedicated to the development of new music theatre, the reconception of classic musicals, and providing opportunities for emerging theatre composers, writers, and artists. Although the current company was founded in 1998 by Scott and Cristen Susong, it is actually a dream renewed. The original Curtain Call began in 1964 when Carl Monson, the father of Cristen (Monson) Susong, converted a furniture store in North Hollywood into the Curtain Call Theatre. In doing so, Monson created a critically acclaimed invitational playhouse run by professional actors on a cooperative basis. For the next five years it became home to a repertory company of 40 actors who explored new facets of their art as they tackled old and new works with a fresh perspective. It also established a theatrical legacy for his daughter and ultimately resulted in the rebirth of Curtain Call as CURTAIN CALL PRODUCTIONS, LLC.

Current projects for CURTAIN CALL include the first full production of the 1997 Richard Rogers Award finalist Lindbergh Baby Kidnapped, a new musical about the media frenzy that surrounded the most famous kidnapping of the 20 century. Written by Kenneth Vega, this exciting new work will be presented at Baltimore's Theatre Project in February 2001 directed and designed by Artistic Director, Scott Susong. CURTAIN CALL is also working on the development of a new musical, Deceptions: Wind of Change, by Baltimore theatre artists Linda Brager, Edie Catto and Rita Pearlman. A staged reading of another 1997 Richard Rogers Award finalist, Winter of the Fall, a musical about the fall of the Ceauceseu dictatorship, by Lawrence Rush and Lee Wind, is also in development. Collaborating with its nonprofit sister company, SAVAGE GODS, CURTAIN CALL is supporting the development of HUNGER, a new object theatre piece, designed and directed by Edie Catto. For more information about CURTAIN CALL PRODUCTIONS, please email us at CurtainCall


Artistic Staff:
Scott Susong, Artistic Director and Executive Producer
Cristen Susong, Managing Director and Associate Producer

Artistic Associates:
Dr. Ralph Blasting
Tom Burke
Edie Catto
Dr. Leneida Crawford
Caitlin Duffy
Daniel Ettinger
Mark Fink
S. Lee Lewis
Jayne Murphy
Juanita Rockwell
Diane Sadak
Theodora Skipitares 
Nancy Wanich-Romita

Collaborating Artists:
Linda Brager
Julie Borsetti
Allison Campbell 
Jeremy Little
M. J. Perrin
Rita Pearlman
Chris Roberts
Lawrence Rush
Erik Trester
Lily Twining
Kenneth Vega
Lee Wind